Villa Thiole

In September 1994, the artist started study year II in Villa Thiole; L´École Municipale D´Arts Plastiques in Nice, France. The school is a preparatory art school, and the subjects studied were Anticdrawing, Painting, Ceramics, Art history. The Villa Thiole is the oldest art school in Nice. The Ecole Municipale d'Arts Plastiques (EMAP) or Villa Thiole proposes preparations and training for higher education admission in the arts.


La Maison Blanche

During the study year in Nice, France, the artist created a mural painting in La Maison Blanche while staying at the student hostel at Boulevard Carabacel, Nice, France.

Vieux Nice

During the summer of 1995, after the end of the spring term at Villa Thiole, the artist was painting outdoors in Nice's old town, in Vieux Nice. 

Early in the morning, the artist grabbed the brushes, the canvases under the arm, and set off for a spot in the shade of the Old Town's alleys to paint house facades in Mediterranean Light.

After finishing the study year in Nice, France, advised by the teacher in painting at L-E.M.A.P. M. Troin,  the artist applied for being a guest student in the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts Budapest to in-depth studies in artist anatomy.