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Åsa Gamgam Leanderz is an artist with a Master degree in Painting from the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts.

An early interest in Drawing and Painting leads to the secondary school choice of Natural Science with an aesthetic variant.

Besides, she studies Photography at Mullsjö Folkhögskola, spending several hours in the laboratory working with black- and white prints.

During the aesthetic program's training in Mullsjö, Åsa lives at the boarding school of Mullsjö folk high school for two years. Countless evenings turn into nights in the classroom for pictures at Mullsjö Folk High School. It is fruitful for the development in the image thinking to spend time in the studios of Mullsjö.

The work starts with paintings in acrylics and then oil paint on big canvases. These activities lead to the development of painting skills. Here Åsa began to discover that color could give life to the canvas. During this work, a seed starts to germinate that she intends to become an artist.

After two years in the aesthetic program in Mullsjö, an opportunity is opened to fulfill a teenage dream, to study in France. Åsa applies to the municipal school of Art in Nice and is admitted in the second year (of two)  in the permanent course “Les Cours Permanent” and develops the drawing and painting skills.

The following year the artist head for Hungary and start as a guest student in the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. The diploma in Painting is achieved six years later in Budapest, Hungary. The last semester included a two month atelier-period in Hotel Chevillon, Grez-sur-Loing, Paris.

Moving back to Sweden, the artist participate in several group exhibitions as well as solo exhibitions.  

After family formation, Åsa studies to be a Nurse, further a Midwife, and currently Åsa is a PhD-student in Health and Care sciences at School of Health and Welfare at Jönköping University, Sweden.



Ennerfelts Fond för Svensk Ungdoms Internationella Studier.


Stiftelsen Grez Sur Loing

Studio in Grez jan-feb, 2002

Lidköpings Kommuns Kulturstipendium

Lidköping, 2002

Arvidsjaurs Kommuns Kulturstipendium

Hantverkshuset, Humlan, 2001

Rättviks Kommuns vistelsestipendium

Danielsgården, Bingsjö 1998

Värmlands Konstförenings Ungdomsstipendium

Karlstad, 1997

Värmlands Läns Landsting stipendium

Ateljéstipendium, Christian Eriksson, Stockholm, 1997

Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts

The artist studied in painting department at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest during 1996-2002 and fullfilled the studies with diploma thesis in June 2002. Anatomy drawing, Art History, Cultural History, Architectural History.

École Municipale D´Arts Plastiques

In September 1994 the artist started study year II in Villa Thiole, Nice, a preparatory school, and in June 1995 the studies were finished. Antique drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Illustration


November 15, 2019

Presentation on artistship, Skas Skövde

Sep 12-26, 2015

Exhibition, Kulturkvarteret Pedagogien, Hjo

 Sep, 8-30, 2012

Exhibition, Panncentralen Gallery, Mariestad